Colors of AI

ICCC Workshop | 17—21 June 2024

University of Jönköping, Sweden


AI is both colorful and white, it’s the bright neon colors of the fantasy scenes as well as the systematic whitening of the skin color. In this workshop, we wish to explore the colors in and of AI, spanning from the AI representation of colors in art and the palette of generative AI, to how AI promotes biases of colors in society and its imbalance among the creators of computer creative systems. The workshop is hands-on, striving for a creative environment where the different views and facets of colors in AI can be synthesized into collaborative creative writing and/or an artistic process. To allow more flexibility in developing a shared narrative around the colors of AI, we will accept participants based on abstract submissions.

Georges Méliès, Kingdom of the Fairies, 1903. Phantasy hand-painted scene from the black and white film.


Colors of AI will take place as part of ICCC’24, 17—21 June 2024, at the University of Jönköping, in Sweden.

It will last a full day, exact date TBD – STAY TUNED.


We invite participants to freely interpret the “Colors of AI” concept and submit an abstract they consider suitable to the title. The suggestive workshop name allows a discussion of ideas from different fields and practices of AI taking the term “colors” as a starting point for reflection. Let your imagination run wild! Here are some options we thought of:

AI Representation of Colors in Art


The Generative AI Color Palette


Skin Colors in AI Art


AI/Art as a White-centric Intersection of Disciplines


United Colors of AI Art


Get the full scope PDF here.


The workshop is open to both researchers and artists. It will be an interdisciplinary collaborative experience and the expected outcome(s) will be adapted according to the interests and inclinations of the participants.

Given the different dimensions included in this workshop, the program includes an expert panel (presentations + discussion), whose aim is to define the lens through which the participants will collaborate. After the panel, all the accepted participants will present the topic of their abstract in a few minutes. The rest of the day will be dedicated to the collaboration among the participants and will be more defined and communicated to the participants before the day of the workshop.


Piera Riccio (ELLIS Alicante Foundation)

Ludovica Schaerf (UZH-MPG)

Dr. Darío Negueruela del Castillo (UZH-MPG)

Dr. Dejan Grba (IGC-UA Belgrade)

Dr. Nuria Oliver (ELLIS Alicante Foundation)


Colors of AI