Anticipations is an installation created by statisticaly processing the video imagery from Alibi (Black or White) project.

The starting point are the three video clips, each consisting of 1177 frames and being 47.08 seconds long. The first clip is a venerable bluescreen sequence from Michael Jackson’s music video Black or White, modified for a looped playback. Two new clips were made by successive morphing of all representative facial frames and of all transitional facial frames from the first video.

By systematically aligning and averaging the formal values such as luminance, hue and position of the imagery in these three clips, I generated the final images and videos.

Procedures: Averaging the three video clips; HSV averaging of all 1177 frames of each video clip; Averaging all 1177 frames of each video clip into one image; Sequencing all the 1177 HSV averaged frames from each video clip into one image (38×31 elements); HSV averaging all of the 1177 HSV averaged frames.

Statistically based visual transformations refer to the early experiments in composite photography and morphing, to the generative and infographic visualizations of contemporary artists, particularly to the Amalgamations (1997-2010) and Color-Averaged Frames (1997-2012) series by Jason Salavon, to the Illuminated Average (2000-2001) series by Jim Campbell, and to such projects as Disgrand and HSV Space Arrangement (both 1998) by Ben Fry, Palette Reduction (2009) by Ryland Wharton and Cinemetrics (2011) by Frederic Brodbeck.

They reveal the abstract essence of visual phenomenology and indicate the evolutionary basis of the manipulability of visual perception as a primary human sense, cognitive and contemplative device.

The installation was presented in Contact Gallery SCC in Kragujevac, Serbia, and at the Formless: Fluid Reality in New Media Art exhibition in MoCA Salon in Belgrade, in 2015.