presentation at cc catalysis | pdf

Presentation of my experimental projects and studies at the cultural center Catalysis on 30 April 2014. It consists of five parts: Introductory Remarks, Painting and Identity, Transformations, Portrait and Study and Provocations.

Introductory Remarks include an overview of my biography, my relation toward artistic creativity, and toward experimental aspects of art. Painting and Identity is a selection of experiments with the methodologies of painting, the identity of painting, and the identity of the artist: Stealth, 1995; Everything is Good, 1998 and Le Lotus Bleu, 1998-2002. Transformations is a selection of experiments with media transformations and interactivity: Dog Life Days, 1997; Kraftwerk P-b-M, 1998; R-Luger, 2002 and aula_100, 2006. Portrait and Study is a selection of experiments with concepts and visualizations of the portrait, and with realization of complex projects in the form of study: All My People Right Here Right Now, 2003; Topographic Portraits, 2005-2011; a, 2006 and Study, 2010. Provocations are the selected projects that criticize the identity, social roles and social positions of the artwork: Male-Free Environment, 1996; Pray! Too Many Secrets, 2001 and Thalassa, 2006.

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