Magazine Articles

a selection of articles i published in magazines


Identity in Film2010

Adam Curtis

A Documentary Thinkingin serbian | 2009


Gaming by Alex Gallowayin serbian | 2009

Taryn Simon

An American Index...in serbian | 2008

(H)activism Inc.

Contradictions of Tactical Mediain serbian | 2008

Bastards of the Cool

Identity Politics in Visual Artsin serbian | 2008

Installation View

A Project by Veljko Onjin2008


Intermezzo by Dragana Radivojević2007


and_where_it_got_usin serbian | 2003

Fast Forward

Narrative Video Artin serbian | 2001

Reality Show

The Terror of Mass Mediain serbian | 2001

Die Roboter

Kraftwerkin serbian | 2001

Every Love is Seduction

The Matrix Phenomenonin serbian | 2001


A Project by József Tasnádi2000

Andreas Gursky

Gaze of the Big Brotherin serbian | 2000

Silicon Thread of Reality

Media Art Phenomenologyin serbian | 2000