Letters of Reference

application guidelines


1. You can ask for a letter of reference if:
○ I taught you for at least two semesters, and gave you the highest grade.
○ We collaborated successfully on a relevant project.
○ I know your work thoroughly well.

2. At least one month before the application deadline, or two months for the complex, form-based or thematic letters send me:
○ A detailed info on the program, scholarship, AIR, workshop, etc., to which you apply.
○ Contact info of the institution or person that will receive the letter.
○ Your personal info that should be included in the letter according to the application propositions.

2a. If you need my earlier letter of reference without major changes for a new application, contact me at least seven days befor the application deadline.

3. You will receive the signed letter of reference in a sealed envelope.

Only the applications meeting these guidelines will be considered.