Authorial Statement

I have been developing an independent research agenda which examines generative art and creative AI within the conceptual, cognitive and ethical frameworks of visual arts, new media art and digital culture. Drawing on a well-established discourse in new media studies and digital humanities, my theoretical approach integrates the exploration of literature with the inquiry, reflection and my practical artistic experience. Informed by the fields of computer science, physics, biology, evolutionary and cognitive sciences, it combines the empirical assessment with the critical thinking and cultivates an awareness for human fallacies and biases which manifest in the arts, science and technology.

The practical insight into the methodologies, requirements, and limitations of these related activities is an asset that sharpens the critical edge and improves the efficiency of reasoning, although it is seldom utilized in theoretical writing which predominantly relies upon the analysis of other texts. This specific viewpoint both warrants and obliges me to bring the theory and the practice together in a more comprehensive way.

Language is not a fully reliable system for relating events, knowledge, beliefs and emotions because it is a discreet semantic framework that requires previous experience and intelligent interpretation of events, ideas, mental concepts and emotions which are continual, abstract, heterogeneous and visceral. While this unreliability of language makes the theoretical discourse (in the arts) relative and often doubtful, the meanings of theoretical discourse are not infinitely malleable or arbitrary. I believe that the creative and expressive factors of the arts can be addressed rationally and evaluated objectively because they emerge from the coevolution of human nature and culture.

Developing my authorial style, I appreciate the unnaturalness of writing as a communication tool, and the more general limitations of language as a system for relating events, knowledge, beliefs and emotions. I write in order to share my ideas, views, observations and insights in a straightforward way, so I strive to make my statements clear, and to support them with concrete examples, sources and references.