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The Transparency of Reason

The Ethical Issues of AI Art2023

Rengade X

Poetic Contingencies in Computational Art2023

Faux Semblants

The Commercialization of Digital Art2023

Lures of Engagement

An Outlook on Tactical AI Art2022

The Cabinet of WvK

AI Art and Creative Agency2022

Deep Else

A Critical Framework for AI Art2022

Brittle Opacity

Ambiguities of the Creative AI2021

Information Particles

Tracing the Ambiguities of the Creative AI2021

Immaterial Desires

Cultural Integration of Experimental Digital Art2021

Rendering Life

Bio Art and Generative Art2021

Always Already Just

Combinatorial Inventiveness in New Media Art2021

Alpha Version, Delta Signature

Cognitive Aspects of Artefactual Creativity2020

Deriving Sense

Cognitive Aspects of Artefactual Creativity2020

Wandering Machines

Narrativity in Generative Art2019

Study 7/0

Error-Generated Spatiotemporal Animation2019

Setec Astronomy

Sound in Generative Art2019

Helping Machines...

Narrativity in Generative Art2019

Forensics of a Molten Crystal

Challenges of Archiving and Representing GA2019

Going Postdigital

Presenting and Promoting Digital Art2018

Avoid Setup

Insights and implications of generative cinema2015

Get Lucky

Cognitive Aspects of Generative Art2015

I Cite (Very) Art

(Re)creativity in Contemporary Art2015

Delta Version

Summary of a forthcoming book Delta Version2014