This lecture series explored the possibilities for open reflection on the various artistic strategies in visual arts and in popular culture. It was based upon a freely thematized observation of the artworks, practices and phenomena, and illustrated with the examples from popular culture and film. It was realized through the lecture program of the City Library in Belgrade, from April to June 2008. The lecture overviews (in Serbian language only) are presented here.

1 and/or 3 Conceptual Arts

(Post)Conceptual and Contempoary Art


Ideology of the Arts and the Arts of Ideologies

Less is More


Bad Mofos

Transgressive Strategies

The Meaningless Bodies

The Body Politics and the Political Bodies

The Secret is That...

Sexuality and Gender Options

Cloning the Zombie

Biotech Art

An Obsolete Database...

±Genetic Identity

Cutting Consciousness...

Consciousness, Perception and the Arts

Art - Culture = Art

Culture - Art = ?


The poster of the whole series