Artist Statement

My work is motivated by the curiosity and passion for learning through creativity and communication. I initiated my art career with an intensive study of and experimentation with the conceptual, methodological and technological aspects of drawing, painting, photography and installation. Appreciating the experimental scope of digital technologies based on the concept of universal computing machine, I have expanded my practice into transdisciplinary fields of new media, interactive and generative art, combined with theoretical research and teaching.

I explore the creative, technical and relational aspects of the concept-, event- or data-driven generative systems. This exploration tackles the essence of generative procedures by defining new ways to integrate the rendering of various media with the narrative, experiential and reflexive values. Combining my earlier technical training with thorough experience in visual arts, my practice in new media is founded on research and it is stylistically open. I make art through learning, and by facing the challenges of my imagination, flexibility, and sense of humor.

My methodology for every project is instigated by an idea or a set of ideas, usually by casual observation or contemplation. If these ideas prove to be recurring, interesting and open ended enough for me, they earn their right to be developed into a concept. Their development into a concept also starts spontaneously but gradually becomes systematic and integrates introspection and theoretical study with concept development, technical experiments and production. In production I employ the principles of reduction, clarification and optimization for making compact, effective projects, and for presenting them clearly and concisely. Theoretical knowledge and technical skills are essential, but I access them through questioning their expressive scopes, ideological imperatives, shortcomings and ambiguities. This includes the exploration of relevant tools, techniques and technologies, the inquiry into related artistic approaches and poetics, and the critical assessment of their historical, economic and political contexts. My art projects are integral to my research agenda.