Character of the Works

by stevan vuković | pdf


Dejan Grba, Male-Free Environment, installation detail, 1996.

In the case of Dejan Grba, the question of the usual type of work is more complex. His work is characterized by diverse practice, ranging from oil paintings, tempera, drawings and meditative drawing exercises to objects, installations, site specific works, posters, and digital photographs. His practice is often accompanied by irony, with allusive titles and provocative subject matter. Grba tends towards recycling of the found thematic matter, concealment of the identity, and conceptual balancing. At the same time, while he rejects the conventional approach, he extensively uses his well-developed sense for classic formal problems, reinterpreting them within any context he finds interesting at the moment.

Stevan Vuković, from the text Character of the Works, Belgrade Scene In the Mid-90s: Aspects of a New Generation exhibition catalogue, Zlatno oko Gallery, Novi Sad, 1996.