by vladimir todorović | pdf


Dejan Grba, a video installation, Dom omladine Gallery, Belgrade, 2006.

// algorithm of selection //

a=select a[n]; (n=array from 10 to 30);

//algorithm of selection is processed on a daily basis in the period of 01. 01. 2005. to 01. 01. 2006. execution time is the uncontrollable parameter of the algorithm.


// morphing algorithm //

a=a[n]; a[n]=morph (+ a[n+1]); (n=array from 0 to 364); execute 1 morph, 1 second;

//morphing algorithm is clear. after selection, each value is transformed into a new value

//that becomes an old value and thus, they all find their place in the array a[n]. morphing algorithm is random time.

// also, it is executed on the levels of camera lens, lights, sounds, ---

//composition, conditions, and stop-motion. every level of morphing has different numeric

//values in the array.


// array algorithm //

a=a[n]; (n=array from 0 to 364);

a[n]=a; (n=random 365);

//this algorithm is probably the most complex one and is manifested in different ways,

//an array of identifications with something that is very close but indefinable.

//an array of self-desertions transforms into self-perception and self-defining.

//an array of crystal clear elements impose the identification through obscure alienation.

//undefined is defined.


//in case of processing time, results, viewer, the perceptive or the visual, the algorithms of

//a waive all the relations except the rules of the robust system a.

//every detail becomes a part of the system’s visualization. every new data processed by the system does not disrupt the system’s language. system’s language is encrypted. interface and output are open.

Vladimir Todorović, a=a, a exhibition catalogue, Dom omladine Gallery, Belgrade, 2006.