a selection of my public lectures

Machine Flaws in Generative Art

Panel at ISEA Gwangju2019

VR to Begin With

Panel at CGA2018 conference2018

Forensics of a Molten Crystal

Lecture at Question of Memory conference2016

Deep Else

Lecture at On Architecture conference2016

Avoid Setup

Lecture at Going Digital conference2016

Divergent G.A.P.

Lecture at ISEA2016

Event Studies

Lecture at FPA2015

Get Lucky

Lecture at GA2015 confrence2015


Lecture at Formless exhibition2015

Algorithmic Provocations

Lecture at Belgrade Polytechnic2015

I Cite (Very) Art

Lecture at CC Smederevo2014


Presentation at CC Catalysis2014


Speech at Thinking Europe conference2012

Between Infrared and Ultraviolet

Lecture at the CC Smederevska Palanka2011

0 = 1 (Digital Art)

Lecture series in DKSG2010


Lecture at the FFA2010

Who? (Identity in Film)

Lecture at Photo-Robot workshop2009

R / C / N

Lecture series in City Library2009

Bastards of the Cool (2009)

Lecture at Photo-Robot workshop2009

The Conceptual Aspect...

Lecture series in City Library2008

Bastards of the Cool (2007)

Lecture at 2D MutantZombies workshop2007