Study 7/0

error-generated spatiotemporal animation | full text


Study 7/0 explores the positioning errors of a static GPS receiver in a series of generative procedures. It is motivated by the idea of cognitive mapping as a configuration of individual, non-linear and discontinuous spatiotemporal experiences, and their outcomes. We use technical flaws as a conceptual source material for further creative processing and expression. With Study 7/0, we also investigate the effective approaches to emergence in generative art, where a simple initial setup of a complex system can produce surprising phenomena. In this paper we focus on the initial animation based on the 2D waypoint data (longitude and latitude) and the timestamps recorded in the GPS Track Log path.

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Keywords: Animation, Cognitive Mapping, Data Visualization, Data Sonification, Error, Generative Art, Geometry, GPS, Inaccuracy, Visualization, VR.

Publication (with Philippe Kocher): XXII Generative Art Conference Proceedings. Milan, 2019: 109-117.