Point Blank (Version)

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Dobrica Bisenić, A Room With a View, drawing, 2002.

Dobrica Bisenić’s drawings are extraordinary. Not so much because of their technical perfection as for the apparently exotic process of their creation, based on systematic rejection and reconsideration. The content and form are generated by the specific visual thinking that is not concerned with evocation but with cancelation, negation and embarkation into the unknown. These works essentialize the creativity which is freed of everything unnecessary except the material of the medium.

The substance of the event is humorously (and thus compassionately) suggested by the absence, by the removal of traces and their refreshment with new, although never definite, values. Each final stage of these drawings is a consciously self-ironic materialization of temporariness and transience.

Their identity is defined by creative abandonment, resistance and insistence on the reflexive change. Aiming exclusively toward purer and more abstract form, toward the clarity of composition and visual relations, this criticalness demystifies and transcends the fetishistic æsthetization of virtuosity that many artists often incline to. The blankness in Bisenić’s drawings is packed with meaning, not of that which was erased or drawn, but of that which the deletion allows to emerge.

Dobrica Bisenić, Drawings, exhibition catalogue, CC Gallery, Novi Sad, 2012.

Point Blank

Dobrica Bisenić’s drawings directly thematize thinking that is based on rejection and reconsideration.
In their reduced visualization of change, the erased space becomes an event of absolute difference that is shocking but never frustrating.
It is a pure chance, free of everything unnecessary except the material of the medium.

Dobrica Bisenić, Drawings, exhibition catalogue, Dom omladine Gallery, Belgrade, 2003.