Catalogue Essays

a selection of essays i published in catalogues

One Ping Only

TRACE MoCA Salon2018

The Code of the Steal

Formless exhibition2015


Glassworks by Bogdan Vojnović2015


Art as a Keyword by Vesna Opavský2013

I Know What I Drew Last Summer

Rhizome of the City Project2010

Oligophrenic Obsession

Portraits by Vladimir Vinkić2005

Dig Your Own Hole

Family Album by Danijela Bogićević2005

The 25th Hour of the 366th Day

{366 Days} by Ultralab group2005

Unreal (Demo)

World Wide Open by Vladimir Todorović2004


Cultural Territories2003

Point Blank

Drawings by Dobrica Bisenić2003

Mutiny Inc.

Mutiny and Bounty2003

A View to (A) Kill

Installation View by Veljko Onjin2003

Chasing the Corruptible Code

Connection Show2003

non-knowledge / non-doing / the void

Can of Laughter by Dragan Jovanović2002

The Difference…

Paintings by Dobrica Bisenić2002

Oral - Anal - Digital

Multiplications by Slavica Panić2001


Pro-Thesis by Borislav Krbavac2001

The Only Disease...

Paintings by Goran Ostojić2000


FFA Students' Drawings in serbian | 2000

White Noise

Choose Your Own Deserted Beach by I. Laban1999

Travelling (Passage)

Maya by Dragan Jovanović in serbian | 1997


Licitar Hearts and Needleworks by D. Knežević1996


Drawings by Nikola Savić1995