Dig Your Own Hole[1]

family album by danijela bogićević | pdf


Danijela Bogićević, Porodični album, objekat, 2005.

Danijela Bogićević’s Family Album comprises a number of family photographs in which the faces and limbs are digitally overlayed with fur. Framed with dignity, carefully grouped and lit, they turn the gallery into a memorial room of blood and land, of tradition and heredity, with the family as a micro-horizon of social, economical and political reality, that is, of cultural values recognized, accepted and promoted by that reality.

In such context, the uniform furry skin reduces the individual features through which the human nature is manifested, and indicates that its source is the genome, the primordial parasite to which all the evolutionary variants are the mere survival machines.

Will the human species overcome the biological perspective dictated by the sexual reproduction? The bitter cynicism with which Michael Houllebecq, in his novel Atomised,[2] analyzes the history of this issue and its resolution (achievement of immortality and agamogenesis) can be regarded crucial for understanding the identity of every family album.

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