c2: 2010


This exhibition showcases a selection of projects realized in 2008/2009 by the students of Drawing course in the class of Dejan Grba, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Presented works reflect the profiled poetics of the young artists whose drawing experience includes the conceptual elements such as structure, tactics, discourse, politics, cultural games, and other elements of contemporary art.

For New Adventures

Exhibiting provides an opportunity for the students to present and view their current production in the milieu in which their art careers will primarily take place. The process of selecting the works, preparing and setting up a public art show introduces the students to the requirements, dynamics, capacities and effects of cultural institutions. Combined with the response of the audience, that process often affects the artists with ambivalent feelings of uncertainty and exaltation, frustration and accomplishment, fulfillment and emptiness, prompting them to re-evaluate their motivations, social positions, and working methodologies. This critical introspection is necessary for a self-conscious approach to the challenges of contemporary art system between the promise of a creative, diverse and exciting lifestyle, and the elusive professional success.

In such context, the exhibition title c2: suggests an open space for research, discovery and creation, a space which these young artists enter equipped with talent, knowledge, persistence and courage. If, and how, they will manage to offer us their observations and experiences from the new adventures, is primarily up to them.

dejan grba, exhibition catalogue essay, dom kulture studentski grad, belgrade, 2010.