Authorial Platform

Practice-Informed Authorship

My theoretical work is motivated by the interest in the conceptual, cognitive, technological, poetic and political aspects of visual arts, new media art and digital culture. It combines the exploration of literature with the inquiry, critical reflection and experience working as artist, curator and educator in the field of new media. The practical insight in the methodologies, requirements and limitations of these art-related activities is an asset that sharpens the critical edge and improves the efficiency of reasoning, but it is seldom reflected and/or utilized in theoretical writing which is predominantly based on the analysis of other texts. This practice-informed viewpoint both enables and requires me to bring the theory and the practice together in a more comprehensive way.

Language and Theoretical Discourse

Language is a powerful relational tool for building knowledge, experiences and beliefs but it is not omnipotent or absolutely dependable. Language is limited by the discrepancy between the direct experience which is continual and heterogeneous, and the semantic systems which are discreet, homogenous and rely on the intelligent interpretation of experience. While this renders the theoretical discourse about the arts relative and often unreliable, its meanings are not infinitely malleable or arbitrary. The key poetic factors of the arts emerge from the coevolution of human nature and culture, which can be addressed rationally and evaluated objectively. Appreciating these conceptual and linguistic peculiarities, I strive for simplicity and clarity of expression in my writing.