This lecture series offered an introduction to the creative examination and critical evaluation of digital art on the conceptual, formal, technological, political, theoretical, cultural and social plan. It was realized within the lecture programme of DKSG in Belgrade, from February to December 2010. The lectures were based upon the materials of the Poetics of Digital Art course that I teach at the Digital Art doctoral program at University of the Arts’ interdisciplinary studies in Belgrade. The lecture overviews (in Serbian language) are presented here.

Interpol und Deutsche Bank...

The intro lecture outlines the basic forming factors of information society, sketches the complex history of digital art, and discusses its contemporary condition and cultural status.

Digital Imaging

From É-J. Marey through C. Close to J. Hendricksa, this lecure presents the wide range of artworks that operate with the principles of discreet encoding and digital image manipulation.

Digital Animation and Film

The key characteristics of digital paradigm - abstraction, self-regulation, virtualization and programming - are reflected in the creative approaches of digital animation and film.

Digital Video

This lecture presents and comments on some examples of idiosyncrastic, ludic, transgressive, culturally-generated, transcoded, interactive and programmed digital video.

Generative Art

Through the various (digital) techniques, the generative art formalizes the natural unpredictability of the creative process, and æstheticizes the contextual identity of an artwork.

Algorithmic and Software Art

Algorithmic and software art take the predefined procedures and programming techniques in ideation, generating, rendering, performing and/or presenting the artwork.

Internet Art

Internet art utilizes, explores and sometimes challenges the characteristics of global networking such as the ubiquitousness, the ease of use, the speed, and interactivity.

Digital Interactivity

Digital interactivity takes the existing and develops the new techniques for an active, direct, indirect or combined mutability of the artwork and its relation with the audience.

Tactical Media

Tactical media are among the most spevtacular, most atractive and most ambitious areas of digital art and, at the same time, among the most problematic ones.


The cultural and educational influences, and economic and political consequences of both commercial and artistic computer games significantly surpass their entertainment value.

Biotech Art

The legal, ethical and political controversies in modern genetics have contributed to the high cultural profile of biotechn art. It is, however, probably the most abstract of new media arts.

Conclusion or Introduction

Many crucial questions and issues of the digital paradigm have no clear answers at this moment, while digital art and digital art theories are essentially experimental in nature.in english